December 30, 2011

I - Part 1

I woke up with a terrible headache.
I didn't know where I was and how I ended here. Four desks of which 2 was empty.
It felt as though I had an hangover. All I could realize was that I was in a room that felt like an abandoned building and the sound of sea banging the walls.
I turned around and saw two doors, 1 closed and another open to sea. There was a ladder that gave access to the roofs just outside the second door. I started climbing.
Even though it was just 10 steps it felt like 100 thanks to my headache.
Struggling myself to stand up I saw the building that I was standing on resembled the Alcatraz prison. Surrounded by sea, I could see the land not less than the distance of four empire state buildings.
Confused I started descending the ladder and went inside hoping the other door is not locked on the outside.
It wasn't, gave away on 1 push, and the creaking sound echoing throughout the room.
A passage way, lighted by a flickering bulb, led to another door leading to stairs climbing down.
When I got down there were two ways which looked like the sides of a room that looked more like an auditorium.

I chose to go right as I could confirm that there were some people talking in a room.
The passage then turned right which led to a room.
The moment I turned right, a man suddenly appeared on the right and spoke to me.
He was wearing glasses, a bit brown complexion, average weight and height.
He was talking something but I couldn't listen. I just couldn't concentrate.

He then led me to a room which looked like an office of a printing press. There were a few people walking here and there,
He offered me a seat in front of a female who looked like an Japaneese.
She then started talking, but could not understand anything in her accent. Imagine a computer voice that has the style of a Chinese trying to speak American English using the UK accent. Weird right? That's how she spoke.
All I managed to understand was that she insisted me to accompany the man who had accompanied here.
Before I could respond, that guy pulled me outside and started walking. We went towards that auditorium, which was now occupied by some people, dressed as street performers.
But this guy kept moving. Muttering something, he turned the opposite way from the stairs that I descended from, which I guessed to be "this is where you were kept". Things started to flow into my mind. Why was I kept here? Was I a prisoner? Who was I?
I then decided to ask him, but before I opened my mouth, he said wait here. It was an h-type section. On the left there was again a bulb that flickered the way and on the other side it was fully open, without a fail safe support. The passage turned right and then left. He said again "wait here" and jumped off to the open holding a rope and landed 1 level below the one that I was standing on. After sometime, which felt like ages, he shouted "Dude, I can't make it. You carry on."

I didn't know what to do. So I turned around and on the wall a small flash of light showed a mirror and what I saw in the mirror, made a shock go down my spine.
I was a human.


  1. I loved this post. Couldn't stop reading it - A first for me I get distracted easily. :P

    Love your header!



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