December 29, 2011

Yes, I will...

Yes, I will still love you.

Not because I can forget all that you have done, but just because I can forgive you for all that you have done. You did not betray me; probably, I was not able to keep your trust.

Not because you left me staggering in this stringent world – all alone – all by myself; but because you have taught me to live alone, which I had forgotten since I met you.

I will still love you.

Not because of the way you behave; but, because of the way you made me to behave. I will still love you, because you make me live my life, even now, when you are far away from me.

Not because I want to love you, still; but, because that’s what I have done all my life – I do not know anything else to do. That’s all that I have been doing – that’s all that I can do.

Yes, I will love you, because it’s only you and your love, that I will live for.


  1. Love and true love is blind. More than that I think love knows only to love. Oops, too much love...Great writing dear:)

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  3. Now thats what being in love actually means :)
    Not blaming the other person for any wrong but always turning the brighter side of life :)
    Lovely creation :)

  4. Thanks, people.

    Love to see new friends actively participating to TWL.

    Keep Writing! Keep Commenting!!
    Cheers :)


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