November 3, 2011

Guardian Angel

She walked across the beach, pondering over her already messed up life. She was stranded and helpless, what she needed was an angel in disguise. She continued walking and then began picking up shells, just as they used to do together. Then she sat down and buried her legs in the sand. She remembered how he would playfully sculpt the sand around her legs and then she would to his. They used to sit for long hours at the beach, smiling at each other enjoying the beauty of God's creation. But all of that came to an end when he was called from above. He was snatched from her. That stupid man who ran over him, would probably be feeling guilty even now, but a mistake is a mistake and no one could do anything about it. His carelessness had cost her husband his life. She cursed. 

The air gently blew and she felt like he was around. Telling her that he'd never let her out of his sight. She smiled at the enveloping air and tried to catch it. She spent the entire day walking and running around the beach trying to feel him and then catch him. Stupid as it may have looked to others, she had every right to behave stupidly. After all, it pains to lose your first love. Her only love. She thought back to how their fingers had been entwined all through their marriage ceremony. Everyone called them the happiest couple. That was her moment of bliss. 

Slowly she settled down on the rug, in their loft. The small one, they'd acquired over time with a lot of struggle and perseverance. She observed everything, each picture, each furniture, everything had its own story. And all of it was as crystal clear to her as his face was. Then she went to their bedroom. The place they'd decorated as they'd always imagined. She opened his cupboard and took out his clothes... laid them down neatly on the bed and then she noticed something weird in the cupboard. There was a box, she'd never seen it. 

Slowly she took out the box and placed it on the bed. She sat down and wondered if she should open it. It was his after all, he deserved privacy. Alive or not. But then she saw her name inscribed on the lock and it hit her. The necklace he'd given her a while back which his name on it, the one in the form of a key was the one that would open this box. He knew that we were incomplete without each other. She began crying, their love was deep and crazy and she knew that she'd never ever be able to live the same normal life. 

Slowly she unlocked the box with the key and was surprised to find a letter. He'd not left her after all. 

'He always wanted to ensure his presence. He'll never let me stray, never let me alone. He's always going to be my guardian angel'. She mumbled

And just as she was reading the letter absorbing every word as if he was saying it to her...

The bell rang. 



  1. wonderfully written.. I could feel each emotion of hers..

    Is there a continuation to this story??

  2. lovely, the first paras were simply too good :)
    will we be seeing it's another part here on twl? :)

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  4. Nicely written... would love to

    Arnab Majumdar

  5. Wow, this is beautiful. Are you going to tell us what is there in the letter too?

  6. WOW! Great read <3


  7. Engaging read :)
    Lets see if you can do justice to it by writing the next part to this :)


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