July 6, 2011

The Pulitzer - Yeah Right!

You probably would've seen this photo..
It's a pretty much famous one..
As the picture itself says that child was seen crawling to a refugee camp and whilst it was on the way a vulture was standing nearby waiting for the child to die so that it can eat..

For those who don't know..
A vulture will be seen nearby a living being (human or animal) only when it knows that the death of that being is near..
So it lay's emphasis to the fact that this child is going to die any moment..
And as the picture itself states, this picture won the pulitzer prize and this picture shocked the whole world enlighting the problems faced by Africa..

And it also says that this picture was taken by a photographer who left the spot and found to have committed suicide a few months later due to depression..
Yeah! I agree that the picture was taken on 1994.. But please read on.
It also says that even the child was not to be seen again..

Now is my question..
If the photographer knew that the child was on its way to the camp, then why the hell didn't he help it to reach there.. All he did was take the photograph and leave the spot??
If the child was taken to the camp then maybe it would have lived.. Well at least for sometime..
Why the heck did he leave the spot without helping the child?

And they gave a Pulitzer prize to the photo which was taken by a guy who didn't even help?

Or is that i have a wrong perception?

And now comes GLOBAL WARMING..

People say don't do this, don't do that..

Let's say for example..

They advertise in news papers..
Don't leave electrical appliances on standby cause they consume the same amount of energy.


But they advertise in news papers..
Yes, the same paper that is created in the "WORLD" by cutting down trees and put through a 'complicated' process in a factory which creates greenhouse gases like carbon monoxide...

Is that what they wanna do?
I don't get it..

They advertise, stop global warming, by a means of a media that is a majority in the contribution to the global warming??

And my last question,

Where are we headed to??

Yea yea.. i think a lot..


  1. Honestly I hadnt seen this picture till today.I asked the same question myself when I read what was written below the picture in small letters.That the photographer left the place immediately.Well ,we do not know the reasons.If it were due to some security reasons,may be,it is an answer.Or else,it was inhuman.
    This is how thw world is now.There is no justice in this world.

    thanks for sharing.

  2. you really think a lot!

    We can only TALK and THINK about all these things

  3. I know....this is the problem with people....We want to change the world but nobody wants to compromise on anything...I urge youngsters to stop taking newspaper if they have internet at home.Read the soft copy instead...Every little step makes a difference.....Thanks for the awareness! Good post :)

  4. Dude, have I treasure for you! All of my 12 blogs R -|FREE|- to plagiarize in our wisdom and sardonic satire. Just make #@!! sure you meet me in Heaven - I'll be quite pissed if you don't. God bless you.

  5. i get the first querry. but no, not the second. Just because global warming is rising, doesnt mean u have to stop everything. Put emphasis on the ones that really matter.

    Really??? Newspapers? they are biodegradable. Since half of the world has moved on to the electronic age, dont you think that the utilities we use for our convenience should be reduced?

  6. sitting around in our room and typing these is not gonna change anything.
    unless and until there comes a way in which each and every people in the world is approached internally.
    that is the only way to change their mentality which i hope will not happen now.

  7. @kold_kadavr
    i will surely meet you in heaven.. :)

  8. We can't really blame the photographer leaving the spot. Might be because of certain reasons that he had to leave the child like that.
    But the line that says, photographer committed suicide just after three months of taking this photograph, did really scare me!


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