July 5, 2011

Chaotic Confusion

There are two types of people in this world..

People whom you wanna BE with and people whom you wanna LIVE with.

Too bad people mix this up and end up in chaos..
I say this because I have done it and gone through the ugly consequences..
Till now I have only one guy who is worth to live with (just in case, "as a roommate")..

The next question is..
How do you differentiate?
Well, you have to do it like old school.

Get to know the person..
Try to be with him/her in your room for at least a day, which may not necessarily be a sleepover..
Watch their activities..
See how they react to the things in your room..
Hang out with them..avoid going to the movies or to the games etc..

You can always go watch movies, hit the mall, go to the match..
Instead do something where you would have a personal interaction with your partner..
I suggest you hang out in your room would be the best, as there is nothing in this world that knows you better than the walls of your room..

If you can do that, then you will understand who is who..
After that it will be easy for you..

If you keep doing that then you will come to a state where whomever you meet in your life, you will know the next minute, who are they..
And also you will come to a state, where you will be alone amongst a group and at the same time, you will feel surrounded by lots, whilst alone..

Try it..

You got nothing to loose..

If you don't, then you will experience total chaotic confusion which, who knows, may even make things worse for you.


  1. I dont think it is as simple as you said.There are many kinds of people.Far too many.Every person you meet is like an unturned page of a book.
    To live with,is a difficult statement and far too many meanings!

  2. you are right. there are too many people in this world.
    but this can be taken as a blunt perspective.
    it might be simple if you classify people around you into these broad categories.
    No offence sir.
    its just that it works for me. :)


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