July 8, 2011


Blessed Be Everyone! 

This is my first day and first post here. I am very excited to be part of your lives. My blog name here is Mystical Skeptical Me and yes, I will give you guys insight into mind boggling mysteries of the human, animal and universe et al. I will be a regular here from now and I hope you all love this mystical journey with me. Here's a poem to a new beginning. :) 

The Resurrection

Walking through the darkness, my eyes fall on her,
The eyes of emerald, the lips of rose,
Her hair a hurricane around her, her skin, ethereal like moon’s glow,
She looks up; a solitary tear laced in pain escapes her eyes,
I move towards her, to hold her in eternal embrace, to relieve her of her pain,
She was my soul; she was my blood, my own,
I hold her hand and pick her up; her expressions beaten with age and time,
I recall the times she had gone through; the times when I had turned my back on her,
When I forgot her, my soul, my guardian, I didn’t feel the pain,
I was blinded by my own selfish desires and had been chastising myself for being so weak,
She looks into my eyes with a flash of hope but a pain shooting through; she was afraid of me, 
She believed I would betray her again, I wouldn’t be true.
I bend down on my knees looking up at her, promising her of a better future, a better life, 
I wouldn’t ignore my soul again; I wouldn’t let her die in solitude,
I bowed my head low, realizing I had been crying too,
She kneels down before me, holding me in her protective embrace,
I exhale in joy to find my humanity back, no more afraid of aimless wanderings,
I hold her close....walking ahead beyond the darkness,
With renewed strength and a new purpose, I conceive my soul in my heart,
For a new beginning, for a new start…

Keep Reading into the beautiful mysteries that tickle your hearts, for all the answers lie in there.


  1. Great poem. Welcome. Looking forward to more from you. :)

  2. @Smita: Thanks! :) :) I am glad you liked it :D

    @The Lover: Thanks! I am hoping you guys continue to like it :D :D

  3. beautiful!! mesmerizingly beautiful

    welcome to TWL

  4. beautiful!! mesmerizingly beautiful

    welcome to TWL

  5. beautiful!! mesmerizingly beautiful

    welcome to TWL


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