July 10, 2011

I Can't Speak .

 I still miss you
your adorable pearl like eyes
Staring at me.
I still miss you,
your serene smile,
Making up my every violet day.
I wish you were here with me today
But I can’t make my parents understand this
Not because that they won't listen to
But because
I Can’t Speak.

I still miss you,
You lying on the bed besides me
I still miss you,
Your actions completing my day
I miss you more and more everyday
But I can't make my friends understand this
Not because they won't understand
but because
I Can't Speak.

I still miss
the velvety touch of your hands
Me kissing you,
And you relishing it .
The cozy warmth
of taking you in my arms.
Immense  joy in feeding ,                    
 All that you want.
Dressing you up                                
Like a precious jewel of my life.
I am now simply
Thinking about you all the time.  
But I can’t make
anyone in this world see my agony
not because
that they cant
sense or understand it
but because
I Can’t Speak..

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