July 11, 2011

Alexander's Squirrel.

The place where the road begins
To the spot where earth ends,
There lay little feet of the squirrel
Who traveled with Alexander
And never once did it fell short
Of the intense courage.

Who lived where! Who died where!
Who knows?
The little feet of the squirrel
Still lay buried inside
Tons of soil and cracked earth,
In the land of the sun.
Who went where? Who succeeded?
Who failed? Who was remembered?
Just a freckle on the memory
Of over a billion and seven
Men, women, and children;
My squirrel got lost-
Buried inside tons of layers
And the crust cracked
By bombs and seas!
Who knows who went where?
Who knows where I will be?

11th July: World Population Day. What have we contributed, really? Honestly, I have not!

P.S: This was a fictional piece, and has nothing to do with the real conqueror, Alexander-the Great. 


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