June 19, 2011

To Kill A Child. . .

Well, so this post is being written in an utter exasperation that has grown over the past 1 month. Today is the last day of our 2 months O&G (Obstetrics & Gynaecology) posting, including Labour Room, Wards and 3 days of FP(Family Planning (today, yesterday and the day before)).

While in the wards I came across ladies who were there for MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) and sterilization (i.e. a tiny part of both the fallopian tubes are cut so that the lady doesn’t conceive again)and I always wondered why didn’t they simply get sterilized after their last child birth….
And if they didn’t want a baby, why not opt for contraception than actually conceiving a child and then killing it?????
Well…. My bewilderment was doubled during the last three days when ladies…absolutely fine ladies… come for MTP to the FP clinic with some lame reason like
“The previous child is too young”
“There is no one to look after the child at home”
“I am not keeping well” ………………
Alrite, reasons good enuf, maybe… but they turn lame when they are not backed by an “ATTEMPT TO PREVENT PREGNANCY” by “CONTRACEPTION”….

Contra-ception -- > Opposing Conception

There are myriad methods of contraception available ranging from permanent methods of Sterilization for both male and female to something as simple as the OCP (Oral Contraceptive Pill) and Condom.
While some people might be scared of sterilization, I don’t see why should they be opposed to other methods when, after ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL , they DO NOT WANT A BABY.
I am not writing this post opposing ‘abortions’, in general…that is not the debate here.
I am opposing the treatment of MTP as a joke.
MTP, when done for medical reasons, as when the child has been detected to have some anomaly or the mother is found to have some serious disease; or for social reasons, as when a child is conceived out of rape; or a child conceived due to failure of some contraceptive method (conceiving INSPITE of using a Copper-T or OCPs) is acceptable.
Even in cases when a lady conceives during lactational amenorrhoea, I wouldn’t say MTP is wrong.
But, otherwise, when you were absolutely fit mentally and physically… and you WERE NOT DESIROUS OF HAVING A CHILD,


We have seen in the wards, that when you counsel a lady regarding the use of a Copper-T (which is hormone secreting intra-uterine device), they go all NOOO NOOOO as if it is something very dangerous and very immoral….
There are some other ladies who refuse sterilization coz ..well… the HUSBANDS… haven’t agreed, again, maybe coz they feel it’s immoral and dangerous.
These same ladies go and get pregnant and later come with a request for MTP…… as if THIS is something very safe and moral.
A sudden bout of bleeding can never be safe my darlings….
And wat am I to say about the ‘Morality’ of KILLING A CHILD…………..

Some women, maybe, feel that pregnancy is just a temporary cessation of her periods and what she loses by MTP is just her ‘period blood’…. They don’t realize that this is as much her child as any child she has had or may have in future. This is a child that is lost… a child that is KILLED .. it is not just a re-commencement of her menstruation….

We also come across illegal pregnancies… before marriage or out of marriage…..again, I do not understand WHY cant these girls ‘prevent’ such pregnancies. I mean we even have Morning After Pills…. Don’t they watch television?????

There is one case which I saw during my Labour Room which I shall never forget.
An around 40 yr old lady came to the LR with Labour Pains… and not the onset of Labour Pains… but it was like she will deliver in no time. The Fetal Heart couldn’t be localized and an IUD (Intra-Uterine Death) was confirmed. A C-Section was done and a swollen, infected Huge Dead Fetus was removed.
This lady’s husband passed away many yrs ago… she works as a maid… conceived illegally….never told anyone bout the conception….ppl ignored the growing abdomen coz she was as such fat…. She didn’t go for ante natal check ups… nothing… must have.. MUST HAVE… felt the foetal movements which she ignored… and turned up as an in labour IUD.
Why??? Tell me, why???

Do you realize that there are couples in this world who can sell their all just to have a child?
There are young girls who have undergone hysterectomies for unavoidable reasons and can never have a child?
Do you realize that infertility has increased so much more in our times???

If you realize all this, do not take your ‘fertility’ for granted.

Do not conceive a child that you are not desirous of.



Allah hafiz


  1. A strong post.. MTP has been misused because only the mother's consent is needed..Also there are age old techniques of inducing abortion at home which young girls use.. Killing a child is a heinous act and yes the message should be spread wide

  2. Yeah, we had an exhibition in school once. There were pictures of happy pregnant mothers and beautiful babies. But as we walked to the end of the corridor, there were this disgusting pile of pictures and tonnes of info on what an abortion would do to your baby and you. It was supposed to promote abstinence against sex, but personally, I don't think it works. Esp the guys were actually laughing when they saw the pics! :O

    It's sad.. Why did doctors invent abortion anyways?!

    Choosing abstinence and saying no to premarital sex is the key. Because no contraception is 100% safe.


  3. *shudders*

    yeah, thats terrifying. i cant judge about the right and wrong though, they must have their preferences which lead them to choices they make!

    anyway.. i think its utterly cruel -


  4. all the stupid ladies who think, having an abortion is getting rid of something that wasn't theirs or just bcz they didn't want it, should read this :)
    we must jail these murderers !

  5. @The Lover
    Yess :(
    In fact, our hospital takes the father’s consent too, in case of married ladies… still…the scenario is bad…

    Since you say that u had seen it at school, I agree that they meant abstaining from pre-marital sex…coz it mite lead to abortion and consequently to the hazards that accompany an abortion. But, otherwise, you wudnt believe I have seen many couples who use abstinence as a means of contraception… initially, I too was very surprised…. But, anyways…
    Actually, abstinence is only required during a woman’s ovulatory phase…and maybe this is convenient for them.

    As to why did doctors invent abortion? Lol :p well.. I don’t know who ‘invented’ abortion and how… but, trust me, sometimes it IS beneficial to some. I aint takin into considerations the ‘religious’ point of view. But, in some situations, like the examples I’ve already mentioned in the post, abortion can be helpful to a lady.

    Yupp… it IS cruel…. :(

    @ smita
    Yes… we shud be responsible enuf to AVOID pregnancy ….rather than END a pregnancy.:)


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