June 18, 2011

The Choice Not Taken

People have been living for so long in this world.
They say its not fate that controls everything.
It seems we do get choices.

Assuming so, we take our chances and make our choice.
We prepare ourselves for the right as well as the wrong turns.
Everyone around you, will criticize your choice and obviously you won't have many supporters. The brave one's continue, despite the potholes in the road not taken, believing there will be something special in that wrong turn.

This is usually how the story goes... And using that special something, everyone will live happily ever after.

Tell me, how many people, do you know, have reached the end of the road not taken? Maybe a few might have made it to the end, but not all. Most of them would drop out, at the idea stage, after criticisms... Some would urge on, of which a few would give up after seeing the hurdles in the path...
The remaining proceed to the finish line.

One of those might even be you.
Let it be the dropouts, failures or the successors.
If you are them, then you might know the psychological and emotional disturbances that may occur, where you realize, physical pain is better.
You may call it stress. I call it emotional disturbance. There is a difference.
Stress occurs when doing things for the sake others.
Emotional disturbance occurs when you things for the sake of yourself.

Overcoming these disturbances may be a bit of an overload to you.
It may even question the genuineness of your decision.
I have already said, "You can't see past the choices you don't understand".
Well, making the choice is the question here.

If you believe in fate then you might ask, how do you make the choice if its already been decided?
I can argue saying "You have already made the choice, you have come here to understand it".
But it's not that convincing.
This quote might prove that everything is pre-programmed. Seeing how things work, you will tend to go against the pre-programmed concept.

It is because the world we live in is so practical, that you might believe it's like the euphoria game engine. Things happen on the fly depending upon your choices. No pre-programming of the actions and reactions.

Assuming that to be the scenario, being used to get brochures containing step-by-step instructions for the products we buy, we will be craving to have a proper guidance to calculate the aftermath for the choices we took.

To choose or not to choose.
To pursue your dreams or to play it safe?

I opted for the choice not taken and here I am, saying...
"We were raised to make our own decisions.
Well...Are we?".

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1 comment:

  1. nicely written :)

    but, truly speaking am a total 'bhagya wadi'. :p i believe that even our choices are predestined.... whether we'll try or not, whether we'll work hard or not, whether we'll pursue our dreams or not, whether we'll we'll persevere or not...
    all.. is predestined..

    but, then again.. pll differ... so do opinions.. :)


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