June 29, 2011


The winds spoke her name
and the night dragged on
The lonely cigarette burned
the smoke hanged on

The glass clicked once
and the drink met the ice
The shaky hands lifted it up
Gulped it down in thrice 

Somwhere a banshee wailed
Somewhere a mirror cracked
Somewhere a soul's dying
Somewhere my love lacked

Its Me and Pink Floyd
Swearing at the gods
She has gone south
Tearing up the chords

Half the whiskey's gone
Half the sofa's burnt
Bring on the weed, gentlemen
and repeat the mistakes learnt.

Somewhere i loved you
Somewhere you left
Somewhere the world didn't give a fuck
Somewhere i wept.


  1. dont know what to say about this one! so complex and yet so simple are the feelings.. the last stanza touched :) keep writing!

  2. Amazing. Whiskey and weed, a broken man's two best friends.

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  4. @the lover
    exactly, whiskey and weed, only they ease the pain

  5. Gotta love your poem...so flowing! the rhythm- it's magical!


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