May 21, 2011

When I miss you :)

Hello! :)
The lounge was dormant. And now I see loads of activity. Admins ki dhamkio ka kamaal hai sub. :P
So I return, I don't know if I return or its just a guest appearance, but I know I'll have to be regular else FL will kill me. No escape now, as Delhi will be seeing him soon. So I accepted his challenge, no copy paste from my blog, exclusively for TWL, I write.

This post is dedicated to a person, who has been an integral part of my life. We have grown up together. 8 yrs on and the bond is getting stronger with each passing day. Though I'm almost always clueless about his existence and whereabouts most of the time, but then again, I have my reasons to miss him. No matter how much he drives me insane, but he's the one who keeps me sane, rooted. I'm so glad to have you there. :D

I'm lost without you baby

My heart wants to be with you forever
In my mind, its your picture that I flaunt
So close, yet to far
Seeing you beside me is all that I want

You are the only one for me
Over miles we ain't together
Undying, unconditional love that keeps us certain yet free.

My stupid attempt at writing an acrostic poem. I hope I didn't fail that bad. And no, we are not a couple, just in case. :P

Till the next time,


  1. hmm admin ki dhamkio ka kamal kah lo ya yu kaho ke actually no one wants to leave this place
    its just they are not writing here
    and when admin take a strong decision
    every one fears to be out of this wonderful place

    so they starts posting

  2. haha...goood yo are back... this is the poem...the feel...but ofcoz you can write much better...looking forward to it

  3. liked the post !!!
    kindof wrote something myself on the same topic some time back ...
    feel free to check it out ...



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