May 22, 2011

Opportunity knocks only once!!!

I am actually skeptical about something.Something is bothering me right now.I failed to realized that someone actually liked me.May be she was not strong enough to say it to me.But she didn't give me some hints which I failed to decode.It was during those chilly winters of Delhi and I'd been invited by this person for a movie.She would often taunt me saying how could a boy like me possess girl like characteristics.She actually believed that guys would ask out and this time it was the complete opposite. But I really never realized that she would like me.I agree this person was an outgoing person but at that time the work pressure was too high.Being a responsible associate  and  few dependencies and commitment to work would not give me ample opportunities to go out with friend. My weekends used to be occupied with work and my other friends would enjoy their Late night clubbings.

I still remember that night when i dropped her to home.She was living with her friend too.I  probably failed to look at her eyes.Was she expecting a hug from me? was she trying to tempt me. "are you really going?", she asked . "Yes" ,I said and left. At that time I never realized her love for me. I know tragic incidence happens when you don't expect it.Lately when the work burden on me reduced ,I slightly developed a  crush on her.This crush soon metamorphised into something else.I'm not sure how I could explain this.I used to visit her more than thrice during the day at her bay.She  used to be preoccupied with work.She would give me a smile and I couldn't do much.I learnt that she lost interest in me.She would then give me  calls at night and would apologise for the same.I dont understand the logic though.I started feeling that I'd missed the opportunity. ;) Any ways I am coming down in few months time and I hope to make best use of this time.I should probably ask her out more often. :D You might never know . :D I have a weird feeling posting this here.But nevertheless this is home out here no harm in posting personal stuffs here.

Opportunity knocks only once.... :d :D ..


  1. lol u neva knoe wen an opportunity is out der waitin 4 u under d pretense of sumthin elz :p if sumthin inside of u tells u 2 take tht chance, u shud :P. u neva knoe wen life mite jus suprise u ;) o maybe not :p but u'd neva knoe unless u try :p
    happy luck wid wteva u decide :p

  2. Its never too late to make a try!!! this time be more responsive of her feelings and reciprocate if u also feel the same ... hope things turn positive for you!!

  3. don't worry just do one more time
    let's make her happy and take her out for dinner and dekhna things will be change in some time

  4. Aaah..the beauty of love..:)

    Carpe Diem, brother.. seize the day!!!

    All the best, bro!!


  5. @anonymous
    if iam not wrong its asbah

  6. *wipes away tears of joy*

    Abhi kal hi ki toh baat thee jab apna Ste chaddi pehan kar ghooma karta thaa. Aur aaj dekho, our lil one has grown up and has fallen in love *wipes away tears of joy*

    Waqt kaise nikal jaata hain, pata hi nahi chalta *wipes away tears of joy*

  7. lol @ guru.

    me is supergood !! :)
    i am glad Chirag you recognized me.


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