June 5, 2011

The B'Day Episode

A fact - Even though I have Muscular Dystrophy, I am still mobile within my house but not that much beyond the walls. And the weird fact is, I can drive. I have a Suzuki Swift and I have managed to drive about 150 KM which is now my max.
Weird right?

It was around 7:30 AM on the 14th of April..

Instead of the beautiful morning sunrise right outside my window, it was my phone which woke me up.
It was my friend.
"Hellooo!!!!" I said grumpily..
"wake up, wake up, WAKE UP!!!!"
"Huh??? Is it time already????"
"yea dude, we'll meet up in an hour."
"cool..But remember, I am driving."
"Ohk, b'day boy!!"

It was a road trip planned on the occasion of my birthday which fell on April 15th..
The place was some 150 km from my house.
A lovely drive along the coastal areas of India.
It was me driving on the way..

A total of 10 tagged along resulting in 2 cars.
Suzuki (mine) and a Hyundai (my friends).

The drive was very much remarkable, 'cause we visited all the places of my memories, that day.

Do you want to know?

The place where I was first caught by the police for signal violation (I never knew there was no right in that signal, and was waiting for the signal to turn right :P), the place where I first crashed my car (with my special someone in it :P), the place where I first hanged out with my friends, the place where I met my special someone and so on...

aah!!! memories.... :)

We reached our destination after a 2 hr drive. Over there, my friends actually took me to a pub for the first time in my life.

If you didn't know, I have never boozed nor have gotten high in my entire life (and I wish to remain that way) hence, never visited a pub nor seen people high.
I was actually wondering whether what they will be doing... whether they will behave exactly how they portray in the movies or differently.

I was kinda surprised when they didn't do anything.
They just behaved normally, throwing comments at each other. I guess since they do it everyday, their capacity must have increased like hell.

Time passed by.
Then, we went and chilled out in the beach..
After which we started.
The drive back home which took another 2 hrs along the coast line witnessing the beautiful sunset and a race with some random car that was chasing us and the play with a state bus.

I actually woke up the next morning (15th of April, D-Day) and said to myself,
"Expecting from the wrong persons, I was convinced that my birthday would be just another day, but these guys, proved it wrong.."

These guys, then threw a surprise party at my house on 15th.

I was really moved cause I never celebrated my birthday in the past 15 yrs after due consideration of all the experiences that happened earlier on the eve of my birthday.

You know it was actually fun... throwing cakes at each other and making your face full of cake.

I really don't know what I will be doing without them.
I wish we remain the same forever.

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  1. I believe in friendship,not love.Good friends stay for ever and light up your life.
    Good to know that you are doing well.Confidence is the stuff that will help in illness.You have plenty of it.
    Wish you happier times ahead.

  2. belated happy bday :)

    nice to have frndz like dat... isnt it??? :)
    i wish i too did! :(

  3. seems u enjoyed with friends a lot
    friends are always special...and they always gave suprises

  4. Belated Happy birthday.

    and yeah, friends indeed are most amazing part of our lives.

    It would have been great if you would have attached a photo or two of that occasion? you driving? you with the sea? with friends? with caked-faces?


    (aka asbah)


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