May 30, 2011

There is no spoon

Some say i am too young and thinking about certain spiritual stuff like agnosticism, is way past my limits.
And a few ask whether am i worth to talk about all these things?

I may not be fit for the outside world, but I'm quite sure, i fit in perfectly for the conscious world..

But, you know what, i am quite happy when i get questions like this..
As far as i realise, these questions are just the outcome of the mind's resistance in accepting the truth. A genuine mind's play to resist you to access your consciousness.

Is what i try to convey, a considerably true fact?

All i can say is, try not to think it in the terms of right and wrong..

If you can't do that then as Eckhart Tolle puts..
You are trying to understand all of this from your 'state of mind'.
You can never understand whatever i am trying to say through the state of mind. Because whatever i am saying is the only source of survival that the mind considers as such, after all these years of psychological evolution.
And that, the mind depends on this false image of your true self, for survival.

Don't have any opinions on what you read.. Then you'll understand the truth..

What is this state-of-mind, a.k.a emotion?

Here is an example through which you may understand.

Imagine yourself playing a video game.

Your body is the characters brain...
You move your finger which in game life (if you are inside the video game) are signals from your brain which moves your muscles (ie, the characters body).

Your brain is his mind...
(The next level of the previous explanation).

Your mind is his awareness...
The awareness is nothing but, I would say, the level of consciousness of the now. Not two minutes from now, not a few seconds from now, but NOW where time is infinite. No past, no future. Just now.
A guy in the game is shooting from behind your back and all that you want to do is kill him. At that time in reality you yourself will be in the now having no track of the only enemy, time.

Your emotion?
The one where you literally 'feel'. I would say it as the next level beyond state of mind.

The Ego? Its the thing that controls your emotions and the mind projected feelings.

So having understood the terms, read on to understand the truth.

The next question that runs throughout you is -
What is the truth?

The truth is, there is no "SPOON".

As the kid says in the film (those who don't know the film is matrix), you then realise its you who bends and not the spoon which is literally impossible.

What i mean a spoon here is "YOUR" projected world and its implications.
And what it conveys is that, it is better to wear shoes than cover the world with carpet.

The moment you realise that, all the things around you, will be mere illusions that your self-ego projects, upon which your emotion and your mind depends preventing you to access the level consciousness of the now, within you.

As i said earlier your mind will be trying its best in making you not realise this..
Things like this are pretty much merrier when you keep watching them as a spectator without any opinions,
then you will find it highly interesting in reading your reactions.

A massive child's play controlled through complexly programmed algorithms.

That's what you would think.
But the reality is that they are just made to look complex by our ego protected mind and thus makes us think so.

Im not going to say that these things are only for the mature mind.
No. They are things that makes your mind mature. To live the worldly life.

As Jesus puts it -
the world and the nature is created for the humans to realise their self.

And as i said earlier in God's Horcrux, Jesus is not god.
He is just the messenger of god.
So are everyone, whom we consider as "GOD".

Listen to the flowers blossom. What do they say?
They don't blossom to show everyone how pretty they are. They just wanna be pretty.

Like that no, person whom we consider god, claim to be so.
But rather they just wanna be god..

If they can do it, why can't we?

If you consider this as, atheism then you are wrong. This is not.

These things may be hard to digest and if you are mature enough to watch what is going on inside you, then right now you will be enjoying yourself.
"In joy in yourself".

Its your call now,
i can only show you the path, you are the one who has to walk through it.

Choose to accept, i ll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

But i still haven't answered the question on the first line.

Now you say, after all the things you have understood,

do you really wanna know who am i?

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