May 30, 2011

~ My life

My life was a heaven
wen words were not spoken
wen dreams were endless
wen my love was not felt
oh, yes i was blessed !!

My life went tattered
wen words were spoken
wen dreams were scattered
wen my love was felt
well, yes i was cursed too !!

The void *you* created in me
is simply too complex to heal
My heart is scarred with
the memories of the past
Endless tears is all that remains !!

Life moves on as
I learned to live
with fake smiles and
scripted happiness !!

But a true part in me is still
clinging onto those
endless dreams and
unspoken love !!
Clinging onto
My version of *you* !!
Yearning to get back
my Happiness
oh, yes i meant *you* !!

This is first post here. My name is sadana. I am so happy to be a part of TWL.. Thanks a lot ste :)
Take care Everyone :) Have a nice day :) !!

~ The Enigma


  1. This one touched my heart... specially the line "My version of YOU"...The person you love changes but the "VERSION" remains etched in the heart and that is what is missed...

  2. @ maithili..

    Thanks a lot da :)

    @ Chirag

    Thanks a lot :)

  3. oh welcome in Sadana.

    what a lovely post to start with :)
    its beautifully rhymed too. I'm not much with the rhyming bit but i still enjoyed this particular post.

    (aka asbah)


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