May 30, 2011

The Teenage Life

The teenage life.
Friends. Fun. Parties. Sleepovers. Hangovers. Long-drives. Boyfriends/Girlfriends. Gang clashes etc...

And to some, patriotism and spiritualism. But the majority wish the former.

And what about the things that teenagers don't wish for?

Well, here is one of them.
Being a teenager and being a handicap.
It definitely is not a thing that most of them wish for.

Its the toughest part of life where even the basic necessity of walking gets a big "NO".

You know people say... only when we loose or don't have something then we ponder over it and we realize how we miss it so much..
I have had a lot of...hmmmm... lets say inspirations... from a whole lot of persons.
But none of these has ever been permanent in my life.

One day I watch a Jackie Chan movie and I say I want speed and stamina like him.
The next day I watch a Vin Diesel movie and I say I need triceps like him.
Then one day I watch SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE then I say I wanna dance like him.
Then after sometime I watch TopGear and I say I wanna drift like him.

But am I able to do anything that I can do I said above?
The answer is yes...

Which is why I love sleeping.

Doing things by following your heart will obviously result in others criticizing you. It makes you different from others. So it is pretty obvious.

In my school, I had a lot of people surrounding me in the name of Friends.
I was a nerd, I agree. But then thinking that they are good friends, I opened myself a little bit. Then?
All I went through was, 'Be used, and talk on my back'.
I came to know this after finishing school.

Hey, I am not perfect but who is? We all do silly things, it's that what makes us human.
Why did I do things, tagged silly?
Because I believed that I was one of them and believed to be treated equally. And these things, which I thought will be useful to them actually turned out to be the thing that they oppose.
But the truth was that I was never equal to them.
I was being ignored and treated a bit differently.

Yes. Ignorance is bliss. But being ignored doesn't make it one.

And only I know what I have been through. I went back to my shell again.
I refused to go to college, with fear of being used and get hurt again. I wasn't ready for another refusal.

And life went on.
Met new friends. Questioned directly to them about my position in their life. It did hurt them but all were taken lightly and life did go on.
Met my special someone. Got a different vantage point of my life and the world.

And now, all, I mean all, got down at their respective stations to carry on with their own life and here I am, sitting in my abode, building my future, by writing my past and got the status where I say,
"To a pro, I'm an amateur. And to an amateur, I'm the man."

P.S - @Arjun. When I wrote this post for the first time an year ago, it had a different ending. An ending totally different from where it started. Inspired by your post of your life, I changed the ending. I personally like it now.
Thanks mate. :)

P.P.S - I have Muscular Dystrophy. Go to MD wiki here.

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  1. I m touched.. I don't have words to say to you.. I applaud your courage and will to survive.. I m at this moment at loss of words.. I earlier thought you are one of those who are spiritually inclined and search a larger purpose.. now I know why.. Life hasn't been fair to you, but your positivity radiates.. I went through all your previous posts again and I simply couldn't believe you could be going through Muscular Dystrophy...

    I will pray for your happiness and truly hope you find friends who will accept you as you are.. Writer's Lounge is with you :)


    P.S please send me the link of Arjun's post you mentioned.. :) I would like to read it too :) If you don't mind that is :)

  2. I totally agree with is a really touching post...and you positivity will help ya overcome all the stuff you went through...

    Hoping and praying for you...

    P.S and yeah would love to read Arjun's post too...

  3. Thank you guys for your support..
    This is why i like impersonal communication.. its here the heart speaks rather than the mind which develops opinions on the partners gestures and estimate his/her abilities.

    The original post that i wrote is here -

    And the style inspired by Arjun is here -

    The context totally varies, but the style of his post inspired me to redo my original post. :)


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