May 29, 2011

No Matter What

"Go ahead, just do what feels right, I trust you. And don't you ever worry you'll get lost along the way, don't ever lose your courage.
Dare to dream and then dare to go after your dream, 'cause no one else can make your dream come true. Only you can.
But I'm gonna back you up if you stumble and fall."

"No matter what, I'll always support you."

Have you heard something like this? Or anything along that line?

Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.
You're lucky if someone ever told you that.

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  1. I've commented for this even on ur blog.. As I said only well wishers by heart would say such a thing. I think I know who it is in my life.. :)


  2. Thank you Arjun and Chirag. :)
    Now you know what to say when people need you. No need for fancy words, not even the legendary i-love-you.

    Just, I'll support you no matter what. A simple promise, but a great one. :)


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