May 28, 2011

Midnight Ramblings !!!

Its often said that when you expect something ,that thing doesn't happens.Hence ,I came to a conclusion that expectation always hurt.I observed this when I was  actually growing into a stronger individual as a professional. In this IT field I can say that its too difficult to be your own.Nevertheless you work for others  and  Clients joy is what brings  a smile on your face. I have actually deviated from the topic. Coming back to the point. I want to ask you few things. Can you fall for someone without knowing if the person likes you or not.

I happen to call a person whom I like. She is generally a jovial person and I have spend most of the time with this girl friend of mine.She may not be beautiful and cute but I can say that she is kind and awesome.She is someone  who can mingle easily with everyone.She is a very good friend of mine.For some days I've been watching her and could realize  her discomfort. She would remain unhappy for most of the time.With her headphones plugged onto her ears,she would often listen to musics and remained silent. She would only respond when someone spoke to her. And these days I've been busy like anything.I could not meet her although we work in the same office. Recently I happened to meet her. She gave me a smile and a hi-hello kind of formal discussions started. I soon realized that she was not the same friend who once used to be.How come someone change once of a sudden. She was a cutie pie and She was clearly looking depressed. I called her the same night. She always liked talking to me and so did I.Unfortunately seeing her sad face would not make me feel great.  We would generally talk late nights for hours. She happened to cry on the phone. I asked her the reason and she happened to cry. She asked what would you do when you fall in love with someone and that  person didn't had the same feeling which you have for them. It reminded me of the same feeling which I had for her. I  liked her but  being younger doesn't means that you can never fall in love with her.Yes  she is 3 years older to me. I told her that it was actually a difficult question to answer.

I soon asked her what is making her to think like that.She told me that she happen to like someone very badly and that person isn't interested on her. She felt bad for this . Why on Earth would any one like someone? .She asked me the possible solutions to forget him.I adviced  her to think of her loved ones and  delete all  memories associated with him.She said that she couldn't. She isn't a loner but  sometimes it makes me think so. I soon started thinking on the same question. I liked her too but how can I express myself to her. Wouldn't she feel bad?. Or is it the wrong time once again. I always fall for older women and everytime its a new story. This time I'm the LoveGuru of this girl friend of mine. I am speechless.!!! .

Coming back to TWL makes me feel good.Its obvious that I'm missing my folks very badly in Delhi but this place is just too good. I love this place. This is a wake up call to all the old bloggers of TWL to rejoin and share the happiness with the new members, And to all the new members say hi to Daddy here :D :D .. GrandPaa  Sandeep is back too and Aunt Asbah is in hibernation mode.

Love you all for the love and care you show to the Writers Lounge. Just want to say that without you it wouldn't be possible at all.. You  We rock. We read.We write.We Lounge.


  1. i think direct use bolane k bajaye ...tu usaki prblms ka solution de and try to make her happy and than when after some days jab use tere sath rahna accha lagane lage than you can say to her and vaise tab tak shyd vo hi kah de...
    ek choti si rai di hain baki to is field main tujhe mujhase jyada exp hain
    and ha bhai TWL fir se rock karega...

  2. So, you've become a love guru.... ;)

    You know wat, even always fall for girls elder to me. Sometimes as much as 6 years older. :P


  3. time is the best healer!!
    And when she has a friend like you, she should not worry at all. :)

  4. These are simple infatuations and will pass off.Are you a love doctor or the sort?

  5. Don't let her be a loner. She'll keep thinking about the past.. Give her company.. make her smile.. She'll be fine in no time :)

    Wen you feel that she is back to her normal ways, i guess it would be the right time to tell her. There is nothing wrong in letting her know :) !!

    Take care !

  6. she peeps in, to TWL, on and off to see if its alright ;)

    hi kids - cough.

    aunt asbah.


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