May 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Joker !!

Today is not just another day..This  birthday is actually the first birthday celebration at TWL after its comeback... Its the Jokers birthday today. For a guy who writes witty funny hilarious posts  and a sheer entertainer.I dedicate this post to my dear friend and the co writer of the 2 Point Someone series.Yes you heard it right.

Happy Birthday to Arjun

Let me tell you that he is a good writer who writes hilarious stuffs which can tickle your funny bone. Happy Birthday  Jester. Unfortunately I don't have a cake for you but I have something special for you...Drink it ..
Have fun and may God bless you


  1. happy budday bhai...daru ki bottle khol diya jaaye

  2. HAPPY B'DAY 2 U BHAI...enjoy and have a blast today....

  3. Happy birthday Arjun :) Ste and Arjun I am waiting for something like "2 point someone" to happen again.. :)

  4. @Ste... This is exactly why i love this place. Thanks a ton dude. :)

    @Freelancer .. Kids (Ste) around.. Don't talk about daaru.. :P Anyway, thanks a lot dude. :)

    @Chirag Thnks bro.. :)

    @Maithili Thanks Maithili. lol. I'll try and update often. Thats my promise. :)P.S- I checked thrice to see if i spelled ur name right. :P

    @Heena Thanks Heena. :)

  5. @arjun :Thanks !really very sweet of you! most of the times my name is spelled wrongly ! :)

  6. Hey Arjun, have a rocking birthday bro and a great year ahead :)
    take care and god bless! enjoy!

  7. happy bday arjun :) have a great year..

  8. Thanks all of you guys. I had a nice day. :)

  9. Belated Birthday wishes :) Have a great year :) !!


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