May 26, 2011

The Final Revenge

The Dark Lord was not happy. no, not one bit. I could see the anger in those menacing eyes. I stay as far from him as i can, unless am summoned. Tonight he is in a rage. Somebody messed up.

It was a killer night. The whistling of the winds added to the chill of the night. He was plotting, he was planning. That, i could guess as much. I am a death-eater. Not by choice, but by submission. And in his presence, even i could feel the blood freeze slowly in me.

The Dark Lord turned and stared. Straight at me. I forgot the fact that he could read minds. For a moment that stretched to eternity, his eyes scanned the depths of my mind. I made my resolve stronger as much as i could without breaking eye contact.

Hours passed before he made a move. He was the hunter tonight. Someone was going to die. He was going to destroy what couldn't be his. I followed my master as he made his way through the dead forest. The moonlight didnt touch him. Wherever he went, only death followed.

A creak. A dry twig snapped somewhere in the distance. 

Lord Voldemort raised his wand and muttered, AVADA KEDAVRA!!!! twice!

Two thuds. Two bodies fell. Pinocchio and Michael Jackson lay lifeless on the ground.
The Dark Lord walked away. The master got his revenge for his botched up nose-job.


  1. The best thing about it was the way it ended :P Killed stuff! Nose job!! LOL! This makes me wanna write fantasy fiction myself, come on bro, Lets try to join forces for it, I am so naive, and have never put a foot forward ever ever in fantasy :) why not give it a try and what better place then the warmth of Lounge

  2. Hey really cool ending!! loved it!!! :)

  3. @kit
    dude, am always ready for fantasy...we can discuss bout how to proceed in twitter :D

  4. kuch hatke hain ....badhia hain...
    yahi to TWL ki pehchan hain...

  5. It took me to a different world until i cracked up laughing by the end. Gr8 writing.


  6. @arj
    haha...we all needed a laugh now and then...welcome back btw


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