May 26, 2011

Acceptance of Being

There is always the time where you meet a person and you tend to think that, by the way they treat you, he/she is your special someone. But that may not be the truth. They might just be another guy or girl in your life. It is really hard to find out, especially when you really like that person.

You get a lot of confusion in deciding what they actually are in your life. You keep contemplating your choices. At one time you will be convinced and will believe so blindly that they are meant for your life... But the next moment, something real bad happens and your explanation will not be entertained and you will consider them far away from where you want them to be.

Having a strong heart makes you go through most of the problems in life but having a very strong heart gets you to such a position that no one may care to ask whether you are hurt or not.

I am not pleading to anyone to ask whether I am hurt or not... At the same time, I am not god to accept, whatever the situation may be, as it is and move on.

You might say, that is why we have someone called FRIENDS. Yes there are friends... But it is a very much known fact that "THEY TOO HAVE A LIFE TO LIVE".

I am not being pessimistic. Our situations make us to accept to the fact that it is true. I kind of feel embarrassed to keep telling my friends my problem, instead of enjoying life with them. We might be cautious in choosing the people, who listen to us as friends, but that may not always be true. Friends are there, to catch everything that you throw at them. But they too are humans... They tend to miss out a few catches.

At that time you can depend on your special person. As only that special someone will stick up for you, no matter what the situation may be... And finding that special person needs courage and determination.

At some point, a situation may arise, where you are hurt by that special person... And friends are too busy to reach.

It is clearly not my present situation ANYMORE, because I just got a message from my friend that - "Hey! I am still alive... U need not apologize..."

But there are still millions, out there, who feel a 'little bit' like this... So what is the remedy for them?

I tried reading a few spiritual books, one of them being "The Power of Now". But even though I feel highly motivated after reading it, certain things happen, so immediately that you are pulled back to reality, the PRACTICAL WORLD. The only choice you have is to just witness what is happening, without having any opinion about it. As they say, "If you cannot defeat the enemy... Join him."

All you can do is accept who you are and what you are...

Even though I tried my best, I cannot find the best words to express my current state. But I am just writing this to feel light at heart.

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  1. This post came at a time when I m going through the same phase.. I don't want to spoil the fun of my friends by discussing my problems.. At the same time I really need someone who could listen to me and understand.. But then that is all the person can do.. The only person who can do something about it is me! I am just trying to overcome the mental state I m in and work out things for myself. It is sometimes of no use to discuss problems I feel.. It just adds to the complexity..

  2. @maithili- I understand your situation as i have gone through it for more than a year...
    Trust me, time will heal everything.. just play along.. stop thinking.. concentrate on now.. not a few minutes from now, not a few seconds from now, just now.. maybe it will help.

  3. :( made me nostalgic, thinking about someone

  4. nice ste is right please post something original here not from your blog

  5. @chirag im sorry im not reposting for marketing my blog, it is just that people can get to know me more in my blog. if it is against the policy to link it then i will not do so.

    all i want is my thoughts to reach as many people as it can.
    no offence.


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