May 2, 2011

Battle of the mind..

           He came out of the house in the same disturbed mood as everyday. He was a meek husband and it gnawed his self-confidence long back. His wife was nagging as he left. If she had a billionaire of a husband then too she wouldn't be satisfied he thought. He wanted her to just die.. There was no other way he could get rid of her.

          He walked in haste to the station. She would be fuming with rage and he was frightened of her. He was sandwiched between the two women in his life and he had no control over either. He couldn't even decide which of them was a softer tyrant.

         She was pacing back and forth on that deserted platform. Her flaring nostrils made him nervous.

"You are late again. What do you think I m? Your servant?" She asked him without even looking at him once.

"I .. I m sorry.. She.. She didn't let me leave." He was sweating..

She glared at him with those furious eyes..

"Oh.. servicing her.. were you?" She gave a crooked evil grin..

 He didn't know why he had goosebumps.He hung his head in shame.. Why did she have to humiliate  him always..

"Speak to me you dumb creature.. Did she fold your tongue too?" She was shrieking..
He looked around tensely.. A few commuters had come and were staring at them.

HE pulled her aside.
"Talk calmly.. At least spare me some respect.." he pleaded her.
"As if you have any respect. She has made you her dog.. Why doesn't she put a belt around your neck too?" She screamed ruthlessly..

He was red in the face. He had been hurled enough abuses at from both of them. Only his wife didn't know about her but she knew about his wife and took every opportunity to degrade him..

HE was aware of the whispers behind his back. He was in dilemma.. HE knew if he left she would follow him to his office and create a scene there.. On the other hand if he stayed at the station she would still not relent.

She pulled his hair violently. HE struggled to lose her grip.
"Listen to me you idiot when I m talking to you. Don't ogle at other women on the station." She stomped her feet..
"Ok Ok I m sorry.. I was just checking if the train has come." 
"Oh yes, the dog has to catch the train and then slog for his mistress.. Feed her make and make her plump so she has enough energy to order you around. I m leaving you." Saying so she started walking out.

The thought of her leaving broke his heart. He needed her..She was like his drug. Harming him when she was there but still he couldn't bear to live without her.

"Please..please don't go.." he held her hand.
"Leave me you bastard. Go to your wife and rejoice in your slavery. " She started throwing up her arms in the air to free herself.
"I will come early from now.. I will.. I will I promise." He didn't care if the people around laughed at the sight of him crying.. He was sobbing to melt her heart..
"Ok fine... Meet me tomorrow and we will hatch a plan to get rid of that bitch.. Now go.."
"You promise you will meet me here tomorrow?" He asked her..
"I will come.." saying so she left..

He boarded his train smiling.. She would be there with him...

On the station..

"Did you see that man?" the boy asked.
"Yes... at first I thought he was talking on the earphone.. But there wasn't any.." the girl replied.
"Arrey pagal.. He is a madman.. Comes to station everyday and talks to himself.. You saw his drama na." the boy laughed.
"I was soo scared. How come nobody stops him at home only.. Ghar pe bhi pagal honge.." she said.
"Hey I m there na .why to get scared? forget about him..let's go to college." and they both left the station.

P.S : You must have seen many such people talking,crying, shouting and laughing to themselves.. For the world they are mad people.. But they live a life wherein there is no differentiation between reality and illusion. Often they are threatened,abused and made to go to extreme steps due to this condition..Like here the man is threatened and abused by his imaginary lover. Such people are schizophrenic..This condition may result from emotional traumas too.. and is becoming more and more common in people today.. for more information on the same visit


  1. that's a strong post
    i saw lot of people like this
    when i go to sevadham with my NGO to meet them and to spend sometime with them...
    its quite difficult to understand them

  2. Meaningful. Very, very meaningful.

  3. nicely written.
    The opening itself indicated that.
    I don't know why husband and wives fight.Nobody is perfect.So why to fight and make present life hell when we can make it beautiful too :)


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