May 8, 2011

conversation getting shorter

hello lounge people how are you?

a day before yesterday iam talking to one of my blog friend and this post is the part of a conversation we do,yet this thing came into my mind before also but still i didn't write for this before.

i still remember the day when we went to neighbour's house to hear a phone from our relative,also i remembered the day's when i also wrote letters to my uncle,aunt,grandfather and to all my family member,my mom teach me how to wrote the letter,things are changed from that time to the present,now we have mobile phones and more important we have social networking sites.
some years ago,we used to sent lot of  email to friends and family ,than came the orkut we sent scrap to our friends and than come the facebook scraps are out and things get more shorter and the present is twitter where we just update our status and comment on other person's status,see how our conversation went so short this days,from long letters to the short status at twitter.

we used to say that this due to this social networking sites we came closer we can find our old friends and all that blah blah blah...but tell me that do you talk to your friend when they are online...there may be some friends on your fb to whom you never talk or talk very less yet you saw them online everyday.
our relationship today is just formal with lot of person,distance between relationship is increasing.
that day gone when we are waiting for a letter from our friend and relative,today if someone say "hi" we reply "hi" and than we didn't reply further.
think on this that how our conversation is getting shorter and shorter day by day.


  1. ofcourse our conversation is getting shorter day by day and sometimes we even say things that we don't even mean but then everything has it's vices and positives :)
    social networking sites have helped in getting close .Why to always take things from the bad perspective.
    I loved writing letters and so why not today surprise someone by writing a letter to him/her instead of texting,mailing or calling that person :)

  2. Yea, it's getting worse..
    Sometimes, I think twice when I want to call someone, because people my age these days just never call anymore... :(


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