April 27, 2011

Being in LoVe, Aimlessly and Hopelessly

What makes a person hopeless lover?

Does that mean there’s no hope of coming back to practicality?

I am a hopeless lover, and proud to be one.

I like weaving dreams about my future, his future, OUR future!!

Haven’t met him since just few months, but seems like ages have passed.

Why dreamland becomes your best destination?

Why dreams become your best companion and you get lost in your own little world?

Why suddenly every cheesy line starts making some sense?

Why every lover has same thoughts to share?

Why words fall short and tears say it all?

Why you start understanding the language of eyes and silence?

How often have you confessed that you cannot live without the other?

1 comment:

  1. sadness of not meeting ur love
    but its ok u should be happy by thinking of his/her smile
    nice post


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