April 26, 2011

Come Back

still remember the day when i first posted on this beautiful blog 14 jan 2009,after that i posted 61 post here and its mine 62.
Iam very new to blogging and also to writing at that time ,i started my blog on 15 sep 08 and when i joined TWL life was changed suddenly i enjoyed writing and specially blogging ,i wrote well in hindi but this blog teaches  me a lot specially in writing articles and poems in english ,i still didn't write poems in english but i wrote lot of articles in english,actually credit for this goes to some of the old members of this blog who are a great writer and i always read their articles,story,poems.
writers like aarthi,kajal,sandeep,tan,leo,prats,arjun,ste(likhetu),asabh,mridupawan all are superb writer and than quiz master like bhargav and david ,
at that time this lounge was on the high but in last years all that superb writers are busy in their life and iam also not regular like i was at that time and suddenly the rating for this blog comes down.
but a good initiative taken by the admin by taking some strict action and see suddenly blog again wake up 16 post in april and this will be the 17th and this is highest after last august .
iam happy seeing that
but i will request all old members and my dear friends that please come back this blog needs you all common we will make it more successful .

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