January 12, 2011

First Glance

a 'dear diary' post

Never in my wildest dreams, never to the power infinity. And then that never 'thingy' got kicked out of orbit as she walked by.

First glance. Dressed in tight jeans and a top, she looked like everyone. Her flowing hair masked her face as she walked across the road. She hadn't seen me yet. Infact nobody ever sees me. Twice. Girls like her are not meant for guys like me. Well that's the universal rule that i have come to follow and understand. Moreover love was not something i was ready to experiment with. Seen my elder sister come home drunk, weepy eyed only to thrash the hell out of me as if i was the one to play football with her heart. And when she is sober, i have to mend those broken pieces of hers by giving her hope. God is gonna burn me to smithereens. So long story short, LOVE? na na.

And then she walked by as she made her way to the university. Even if i was an flying dragon, she wouldnt have noticed me. But she did. By God, she did. A flick of her head and her kajal-laden eyes met mine. And for an eternity of a minute, my heart raced with triple doses of LSD, hashish or whatever frigging drugs available to make you do that. I stood there rooted, not even able to reply back to the smile she gave. The sunrays bounced of the stud in her nose and all i could do was stand there as if i was tased.

Hell i was tased. With that 1000 watt smile of hers. But it was too late. She ran towards the building. She didnt turn back. Not once to look at the poor soul who was out of breath. Did i miss the moment?


  1. Freelancer I enjoyed reading this .. and yes, you missed the moments, but many more will come your way now that you are looking.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed the post..keep writing :)

  3. That is the thrill of life.Such encounters stay in memory and make you wish for more!

  4. :-) ... a moment missed, churned out into an amazing post...

    loved the narration- it managed to stick the smile on throughout the post!

    keep writing!

  5. lovely.. really enjoyed reading it :)

  6. thanx all.... thanx for the encouragement


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