January 22, 2011

MS Dhoni should be replaced as Captain of the Indian team - dismal personal performance with v poor scores, poor shuffling of bowlers - time and again - led the team to a embarassing defeat. Yet, whenever questioned by Ravi Shashtri before the start of the match, the man gets too vocal about winning. Call it arrogance if you may, but the Indian team needs a new captain.
When one compares the performance by the S.A. captain - Graeme Smith, one can't but praise the man for his team mgmt, his excelent personal performance and his on-field skills, Dhoni cuts a sorry figure.


  1. Oh and here is a genius of bat and ball speaking his mind out on writers lounge.
    So Mr. Legend, would you be willing to take the reins from his hand and steer Indian team to unsurpassed records and bring rain to the drought of never coming victories. Would you guarantee us victory in any case plus your star performance in every match.
    If you are so talented, then why are you blabbering here, go play there and give us some positive results.
    If not, then please check your premises and maintain the zone of silence. Don't throw a fit when you can't offer a solution.
    And if you really can guarantee all this, I am ready to sign a letter of recommendation as a citizen of India and a Netizen of India.

    Yours sincerely,

    A hoping Indian.
    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. iam fully agree with aesthete
    under dhoni's captaincy team is at test no.1
    and you had to think on the team composition we had in SAF we didn't had the regular openers there
    PK was not there and we are playing in saf
    conditions are opposite and this team perform far better than the previous Indian team visited there


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