July 30, 2010


Hello Lounge, I see many new members in WL...so here i am an Old member of WL...Then Yamini Meduri, now Ms.Meduri..!!!

I was busy with my daily routine and somehow couldnot make it here...but today, i have come here to just check out whats happening here at the lounge from my Land of Dreams and seeing the new pens, I felt to write one too..!!

Welcome to the new pens and a warm hello to the old pens...!!!

The River Side...!!!

waiting for you at the river side
As the birds fly high
I wish to be in your arms tight

Waiting for you at the river side
As the sun sets
I wish to be the li'l chill around you

Waiting for the you at the river side
As the moon goes up
I twinkle bright to find you soon

As the moon sets down
As the sun rises again
As the birds tweet around
I still find myself
Waiting for you at the river side

from the Land of Dreams...!!!


  1. Wow..that was a lovely poem Yamini ...:)I loved it :)
    Just a small suggestion ..pls change the colour of the title of the poem , its quite harder to see such color in black backgorung d :)
    And yeah I have been at WL for quite sometime now , and I am just seeing you 1st tiem here :P Hope you would continue to share your lovely dreamy words here :)

  2. Nice Poem Yamini..
    Welcome back :)

  3. aah...welcome back...thr r so many new faces that no one knows us anymore :(

    nice poem though

  4. i really like this, it feels very lyrical/musical, it's a warm read!

  5. Nice.. a yearning well penned ...

    Awaiting your comments on my new poem .. sth which I have written after about 3 months break ..


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