July 30, 2010

I Believed

I believed in you, every word you said.

And I believed you'll believe me too.

I choose to believe.
Not because I didn't notice that all the pieces of puzzle aren't exactly fitting together.
Not because I can't think properly.

I am actually very well aware,
That what you said, what I heard and what happened
Don't seem like they came from the same story.

And yet,
I never asked any of the thousands of questions boiling inside me.
But that's not because I'm afraid to ask.

I choose to believe, 'cause I care.
And I know only too well
How much it hurts
To hear those little words pointed right at you.
"Did you lie?"

I know because you asked me that
So often I lost count.

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  1. i choose to believe,cause i care...

    beautiful...loved it.

  2. That was painfully beautiful ! A different take :) Its true , strong beliefs are often questioned , and we later come to know that we were never understood right ..

  3. @ Both;
    Thanks for understanding. :)
    Sometimes, some things, we do even though there's no point in it.

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