July 30, 2010

I'd live them again

“But I’d trade all of my tomorrows, for one single yesterday…” – Janis Joplin, Me and Bobby McGee

Take back my car.
My new suit.  My job.
Two tattoos
and the scar on my leg.
The dozens of novels
I don’t mind reading again.

Two sunglasses
and bracelets of leather.
Take back my hard drive.
My new songs.  My G1.
The thousands of minutes
I don’t mind talking again.

Two of my blogs
and the unfinished novella.
The hundreds of pages
I don’t mind writing again.
Take back my rank.
My new muscles.  My stuffed leopard.

Take back me.
My future.  My age.
Two coastal cities
and a dozen albums of photos.
The thousands of miles
I don’t mind flying again.

If Two can Take back The hundreds of days,
I’d live them again with You.



  1. Oh that was beautiful ! Lovely ! I loved the way you portrayed the emotions .. We all want the old things to come back again , to live that life again , yet we couldnt .. And that hurts , esp when thinkign of the time we spent with the loved one ! :)

  2. adreamygal: absolutely! and the question is, if you could go back to the beginning, would you be willing to give back everything that happened after?

    freelancer: thanks, man! I really appreciate the positive feedback!

  3. wow good one! Like the way you endedvery much! :)

  4. Rocking is the word !!

    Awaiting your comments on my new poem to see is I am as good .. or have I rusted in these 3 months !!

  5. Sino Hore: Thanks! had different versions, glad i chose that one.


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