June 20, 2010

in You

there’s an O in no.
in lost.  in gone.
there’s one alone
after the start of forever.
they’re everywhere: these O’s.
one for each person.
have you noticed there are two
in nobody? no more?

i find it in the morning.
it’s with me in mourning.
O what i lost! O what is gone!
You are what.  the O in who.
the O you left me.
in my center.  alone.

there’s one in Your name,
in Your city,
in Your state.
in the middle of a Voodoo Doughnut,
glazed goodness around it.

an O in karaoke
and in the song “Soul to Squeeze”.
three in The Boiler Room
your friend, You, and me.

three little o’s in the bowling balls
we rolled down long lanes.
our lips mimicked the round shape,
taking shots from a round black tray.

O what is gone! O what i lost!
in love.  do you see it?
the O keeps lovers together.
there’s two in the phrase
we juggled between us.
there’s two in the bedroom.
You and me.

O’s all around us
in the blind but loud air.
hear them in our moans.
feel them in our touch.
O what i lost! O what is gone!

it takes two to make sorrow.
just one to make broken.
two to forgive.
two to come back.
but also two in not possible.
the same two in moving on.
no more.  nobody.

i wish i could forget.
but there’s an O there as well.
it reminds me of the O in the middle of You.
i can take it and use it
to make me whole again.
but two letters still remain: y and u.

there’s two in moved on.
but only one in let go.
the two letters keep asking me,
i alone and whole,
whcan’t i
let go of you?



  1. O's all around us...
    Thanks for dropping by.

  2. o is also there in "Awesome" and tht is the word for this....its really superb.. :)

  3. What a truly delightful poem, very linked to the being of acceptance.

  4. nice Mr. O but still i think F is better than O f means family, friends & f**k. I regard it superior than O.

  5. well i regard F word better than O. F means family, friends, f**k & it contains all.
    for more

  6. Amazing..!!
    How can you come up with something like this..
    What did you eat that day..? :P :P

    I am spellbound..!!

  7. thanks everyone!

    F is a good one! Fight, forgive, fall, fly.

    Rashmi, blueberry pie and two cups of coffee!

  8. This was so awesome! Seriously one of the finest pieces i've come across in a long time!

  9. This was a really nice and excellent work! I've rarely come across such awesome work!

  10. Jude: thanks so much, i just hope that readers can feel something when they read


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