June 8, 2010


I need to know.
But I'm too afraid to ask.
I've just never really been the brave one.

I never dared to finish the cookies, no matter how nice and tempting they are. I leave at least one, the biggest one, usually. I've outgrown Sesame Street for years, but I'm still secretly afraid of Cookie Monster.

I'll never hit a fly or a mosquito, or any other insect that has wings and knows how to fly. I just shoo them away, won't even touch them.

I almost drowned in a pool once upon a time, I was trying to find my goggles. That was when I was about ten years old. And even until now, every time I see goggles, I tremble.

I hate clowns. There was once when a clown gave me a balloon, a pink one with a smiley face. She tried to hug me close when mommy wanted to take a picture. I screamed. I saw she had black fingernails, she must be a witch.

I hide under the covers when it's raining and there's lightning out there. And thunder. When the lightning strikes across the night, it cuts the sky. I always wondered if that ouched. I always wanted to know who will fix that.

I've never really been the brave one.

And now, I'm afraid I lost you.
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