May 13, 2010

ripenserei che non sei qua

I remember getting lost in Jersey
With the one with black curls
Buying daisies of different colors
For the blonde who didn’t care
Eating cupcakes, strumming a pink guitar
With my brown eyed girl
And what you wore the third time I saw you

We held tight in Rome during the fall
6 hours from the common room
You let go
The difference between a boy who lies and a man who regrets
4 years
And now I can’t remember how you taste when you sweat

I forgot how you smell and how you moaned

Tight blue Seven jeans
Maroon tank with thin straps
A few yellow-orange streaks peaking out from behind your brown hair
You caught me staring through my silver and blue Oakleys
But I never looked away

4 years
I emptied out the trunk I kept you in
Every hallmark card, every artifact
Threw out the photo albums
Scraped your face off my hard drive

7 years
There’s still one picture stuck up on my wall
Waiting still behind a draped flag above my bed
Of you posing on the steps of “the wedding cake”
Our last days in Rome
Trying to fill all my unused rolls of film

My last clear memory
On a blurry 4x6
An awkward pose, a forced smile
Sleepy eyes and perfectly straight hair

My last clear memory
The look you gave me
That it had been a long day

And you were done

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