May 9, 2010

Her Anger

She was angry that day.

I arranged flowers and a hand written note for her. I placed them in kitchen.

I was sitting and suddenly she planted a kiss on my cheek.

"I love you too son", she said passing the note to Papa.

"Happy Mothers' Day Mom, Love you", Papa read it.

Anger vanished.

P.S. - Happy Mothers' Day to all the mothers of the world. Our world is with you.



  1. Nice and sweet ..
    Happy Mother's Day to you too ..

    In b/w Inviting u to comment on my new poem ..A Mother's Day special

  2. true..Mom gets angry but then she cant be angry for long...

    it was a nice one on Mother's day..... :)

  3. @ gautam: thanx a lot bro. will read ur poem for sure.

    @ urvashi: true, mother cant be angry for long because she is a mother :-)

  4. heart the only place from where moms think!

    happy mother's day!

  5. @ sp.ajay: yeah true :-)

    @ solitary: thanx dude.


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