May 13, 2010

Weightless Heavy

"Ouch, what's this?", I screamed as she sat down on my lap to tease me.

"Oh, sorry", she apologized hiding a sheet of paper behind her.

"What are you hiding", I asked curiously.

"Nothing, ignore it", she continued, "OK, tell me if I leave you forever".

"I have many options and they are not as heavy as you. You would have killed me if you had sit on my lap for one more second", now I was teasing her.

"Well, sometimes your questions create fear in my mind", I became serious,"You know how much I love you?"

"Yes, I do", she confessed,"OK dear, we are getting late, I think we should leave now. Bye, take care".

"Bye, love you", I bid her adieu.

Then we didn't meet for about a month. And one day, I got a news which changed my life. She left me forever. I went to her home where her Mom gave me a note written by her daughter.

It read,"Dear, that day I was hiding my reports. I had cancer, last stage. I wanted to tell you but I couldn't. How could I? Dear, You used to call me your angel and see I've become one. Now I'm not heavy like before. Don't you know, the angels are weightless? Now you can use your options. Take care, love you".

The note felt heavier than her.



  1. this post made me a bit sad..
    well nice write-up..

  2. so obvious..kuch naya likho yaar..sab bore kar rahe ho

  3. @ manjari: thanx very much

    @ deepa: thanx very much. sorry it made u sad

    @ h: thanx for the opinion. i think critics are best friends. u are one of those ;-) keep doing ur job brother

  4. Subtle humour, genuine anxiety wrapped up with an air of viscous pathos. Heart rending!


  5. these days i am just a silent reader here.. good one bro keep it up! \m/

  6. @ sayak: thanx a lot for ur valuable comment.

    @ illusion: thanx a lot bro.


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