April 18, 2010

I Will Take You Back With Me...

You left me in the rain,
I still can't believe it
You pulled your hands,
Away from mine
You walked away,
And didn't look back

What happened to all those promises?
And all those dreams we shared,
Every minute of a memory we had
You held me close to you
And said you'll never let go,
Oh what happened to all of that?

I want you,
Back into my life
I want to see you around,
Through my eyes
Please don't tell me goodbye,
Don't say its over

I wish, 
That we could go back to those times
We smiled and laughed
You didn't make me cry
You hugged me and never let go
And then you'd say
"I love you so so much!"

So don't you tell me
That its all over
I'm coming back
To take you with me
I need you, I want you
I will take you back,
With me....



  1. It's such a lovely poem! So simple yet so beautiful!

    Keep writing :-)

  2. love 2 read ur poems...dey r awesome yar..

  3. Really its very painful whn we want some1 back, more painful when thy again turn back,

    U wrote so nicely read 4 times yet.bt still joyng the words.

  4. Wonderful !! Reflection of true love in words ...Very touching poem ..hope u get ur love soon bk :)

  5. Oooow!! thanks for all the comments!!: ): ) <3 And @adreamygal : I am not in love, and i havent broken up! this is fiction! :P eheheh!! :P


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