April 19, 2010

Dead Angel turning to Rising Angel

Hi people,

You must be aware of my suffering in last few months, 

A girl who gives u name of  an Angel,although it was not reality but she was insisting a lot that it is a big reality,she feels that U came from God to console her,to make her smile , to make her laugh,to give her strength for her life the tense which she was suffering, u did as per her expectation, u spent beautiful moments together.Though The distance of their physical living was a far around 1200 km, but they were living in heart-even within the heart bit. it goes almost one year,Angel crossed the distance of 1200 kms 5 times for her,

But last time it was came again as a big failure when she said that u love me and I also love u but I cant do any commitment, can u imagine these are the words of that girl who used to call me an angel,

Finally Angel becomes Dead Angel bcz this compliment is of no use. he suffered a lot,his job, business,family,finance,his colleague,his social activism everything.

But How much shud I suffered? for whole life ? seeing that she is happy with someone else? or seeing that she got left again by a guy bcz of whom she left You,? offcourse Not. 

No Matter she returns,repents but can u believe on her when she betrayed U not once even 4 time  in a year,but u forgave her thinking she wud improved now,she wud be honest now but no she has something else in her heart always, I made mistake to understand her heart.Now again she came saying she loves but she cant do any commitment and "ohh Angel be with me I dont wannn loose u",

Friends what U think is she honest again?  No if she cant do commitment so no matter of going back with her,

So I decided to not to indulge in Love again not with her not with some1 else,I am concentrating on my life now,my business,my family,my freinds,my social activism and my Goal of life which I had lost in last 4 month,

I got up now, I realised now, That how wrong I was? Now I am still angel(def. with her) I still posses those qualities on the basis of which u gave me this name, But not Angel,not even dead angel to whom u buried in last 4 month but I am angel who is rising again, coming again into life, I changed my profile picture which was an angel with blooded wings it is changed now, I changed my profile name from Dead angel to Rising angel, my last poem is the indication of  a new shift in my life.

Pray for me that I could live happily again-although its a tough decision of my life, But I should  wake up, its a right time. as I am just 24.

Thnx for some people who knows this reality, they helped me lot to understand my self,they helped me a lot to realised the concept of rising angel. 

From now u will see change in my blog and in my writing

MR.saras as u suggested u want this talent shud be use for contstructive and to be use for positivity - Yes I m trying now as my best. bye tc. love u all.


  1. @FL. Thnx Keep me in prayer coz its a tough decision of my lif.


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