April 28, 2010


Okay, I complain a lot.
Not that I am an unhappy person, its just my built up frustration tends ease out by constant procrastination. I mean lets face it life's real hard. So yes, Swearing and complaining helps. This can probably bring in two kind of judgment from your side : One, She is an dissatisfied person or two, she is less of a fighter.
And just to be clear I am certain that I am none of these. But I was an angry teenager. I had a raging tempermant ready to snap its jaws on anyone threatening to prod the waters. People actually were terrified of me when I was in school, and for an extra added effect I was a fat kid. Anybody who dared to pounce on my nerves, actually faced physical injuries. Not that I beat them up ( Hello! I am a girl..!)Its just I chucked anything in my hand at the person out of sheer aggressiveness. Be it a metal pencil case, stone, basket ball or whatever the list goes on.But I changed and for the good. I guess as you grow up, you 're more matured and life bitchslaps you at every situation where you learn new lesson all the time and be a better person.
So long story cut short, I am much more calmer and composed now. My temper seems to be in check and I don't lose it all easy.Because somewhere I have come to realise that bringing out your emotions means being vulnerable to things and proves to be weakness in other people eyes. So that leaves me with fighting down my urge to vent that feeling out. So in a more healthy way I whine and complain. Somehow I tend to find it soothing and a much more healthier way to unwind all the knots inside of you. And a much cheaper way as well. Its like a verbal and mental massage!
For sure not many people like people complaining all the time. I don't as well ( thats probably a hypocritic statement, But atleast i am honest.)
But guys give us a break. At this life thats just so hard to sail by you can always bear the brunt of a complainers, and whiners.
So next time you see a person complaining ( Well let me be specific : comaplaining about sensible and rational things), Just nod in agreement and empathize. Its just one of those tapped anger making its way out in a more warming fashion. Unless you 're trying to prod the storm in a sea of poppies..!
Maybe you should try procrastinating for a while. You will soon see the effect yourself.
Love, peace and brotherhood..! ( And not to forget the complainers..)


  1. It's very important to have an outlet to one's emotions. My adolescent years ended recently, but I daresay when I am stuck with a particularly dastardly feeling that does not seem to go away, I have my own rather destructive ways of letting them out!

    So, empathizing with all complainers because it is so very natural to complain.

  2. but i'd like few things thrown at me...
    it'd be like catchin practice

    Violence baby \m/



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