April 27, 2010

Once Again...

Once again, I feel that emptiness
raging intensely,
filling up my soul.
It reminds me of the promises
never made to be fulfilled.

Once again, the man in the mirror 
looks sad.
A fading shadow of a happiness.
I turn off the light to let that face
dissolve in the darkness of the night.

Once again, pour a million drops
of the rain of reasons to cry.
The earth swells with tears
falling from my eyes,
perhaps to touch her.

Once again, December comes,
colder than before,
sending shivers down.
I did not love the cold,
but it was winter in my heart.

Once again, a star fell,
as I wished 'let me forget'.
So many stars have broken since.
My sky is almost void
but her thoughts return.

Once again, I hear that note,
of the perfect music.
I stopped and listened,
to my favorite song.
Someone had called out her name again.

- The Lover @ SoulIntoxicated


  1. broken Promises are hard are bear. But the erson who has to bear the brunt has to bear the eons of unfulfilled expectations.
    Its hard..very hard..!

    I feel you..!
    And lovely poem. clear crisp and yet so moving. I love anything thats brings out the raw emotions and Abstract in lines..
    And this just fits the bill.


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