March 20, 2010

The Twist

Sandeep:Dude,I showed all my answers to  Meha.She copied everything from me.                           
Ste: Ahan!thats good (winks )
Sandeep:Yar now I hope that she would understand my feelings .
Ste:Oh yeah ( grins )
Sandeep:I reckon  she will score  good marks this  time..All credits to Mr.Sandeep ( smiles  )
Ste:Yea  Yeah. I have something to  say ...
Sandeep:Sure bhai ...go on
Ste:Sandy,you know what...?
Sandeep:Tell  Ste
Ste:Marks  are out and Meha passed.
Sandeep:Oh yes,I knew it (does a  butt  dance)
Ste:But you failed...    


  1. Hey Ste ..good to see you back in ur usual form :)

  2. Aha...typically a Ste Type Post.... seen u after a long time..this ws cool.. :) :)

  3. i loved it... its so small..but d depth is so much..:)
    nice work


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