March 21, 2010

College Worries!

Ashlesha opened the envelope, her hands trembling. Was she going to get into the college she had applied for, the wonderful *Reach for the stars College*. Yes, that was it's real name. It was the best college in the whole of Chicago, the whole of America, and the whole world. Well, not that good but it was still pretty amazing. Ashlesha's face was pale with fright, and after a moment, she finally pulled out the letter. It was long, but Ashlesha didn't want to read the whole thing. She skimmed past the bits saying that the college was the best college and blah, blah, blah, she went straight to the bottom. In large writing, there was a short, but extremely life changing sentence.
Ashlesha Vivek- You have been successful in your application for Reach For The Stars Academy.
Huh? Reach for the stars ACADEMY? In Ashlesha's haste to apply for Reach for the stars College, she didn't apply for the best college, she applied for the worst one in the whole of America! Only a word turned Ashlesha's life upside down.
P.S: This was meant to be a drabble (100 words)... oops!!
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