March 28, 2010


Theoretical knowledge applied
Engineering various thoughts
Competition at peak
Human race improved
Naive no longer
Over the world
Light of development
Obliterating the illiteracy
Gift of human brain
Yearning towards excellence

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  1. I had a little different interpretation while I was in engineering,
    Technically No Logic

  2. Yes, as human being, who don't believe we can do what a machine can .. forget that we invented the machine. Indeed, I love the last line the most .. as we do "yearn for excellence".

    I have really enjoyed all your acrostics.

  3. This si the first acrostic , i guess which reflected positivity reg technology ..So good tweety !!

  4. @rajat

    hhahaha...will agree...til now in my 2nd yr there is no knowledge applied...but someone, somewhere does apply it ;)

  5. @amias

    mmuuaahh amias...for the first time i have dedicated myself to all prompts so honestly i am really glad u liked it...n in a way i have improved too :)

  6. This is wonderful. Like the Coca Cola formula, man can't forget how he makes these techological wonders.
    Unless we all rebel. :)


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