March 29, 2010


I regret
not being able to
hold your hands anymore

I wish
if only
I could fly
and settle in your arms
forever ..

I feel bad
when I realize
the long chats
have suddenly
turned into silence

I drown into depression
when I recall
every last moment
before we parted

Your very memory
makes my heart bleed
old wounds
getting poked
again and again

Unable to bear
this pain and suffering
I close my eyes
with tears still trinkling

I find you
in me
with that million dollar smile
and I realize -
though we have part
miles apart
amidst all the regrets
all complaints
all that's left unsaid
beautiful past that's dead
and then
it dawns on me
amidst our seperate ways
you still have
my avatar
in your heart

OSI # 109

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