March 10, 2010

Speaking Out

Stifled emotions kept buried
Peace of mind denied
Eager to vent feelings
Afraid of the ridicule
Knowing no other way
Incessant bouts of pain
Not ceasing to hurt
Getting no help to

Overcome this horrid state
Utter state of helplessness
Tells to speak out

For Acrosticonly


  1. It takes courage, on many levels to speak out .. no matter what it is about. I used to be very shy, but my children taught me about speaking out to protect them, after that ... it got easier.

  2. @Amias
    It is the lack of courage of the victims that embolden the aggressor into abuse. Hence it is time to speak out against all forms of violence.
    Thank you Amity.

  3. sounds like it's time to speak out, for sure.

  4. @rdl
    Yes indeed.It would be foolish to keep mum when you have to speakout.
    Yes I found the Acrostic slowly building up in tempo so nicely as I wrote it. You are very observant.
    Glad you liked it.


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