March 10, 2010


It hurt when you stumbled and fell as you tried to take your first steps.

It hurt to watch your mommy turn her back and leave you on the first day of school.
It hurt when you got on a bike for the first time and fell so hard.
It hurt when you missed your goldfish who died.
It hurt when you lost your first baby tooth.

It hurt when you fought with your best friend.
It hurt when the teacher scolded you for forgetting to bring your homework.
It hurt when you had your first period.
It hurt when you broke up with your first love.

It hurt when your Grandmamma passed away.

It hurt when the ones you hanged out with all the time left to study elsewhere.
It hurt when your Sunday School teacher couldn't remember you at all when you greeted her at the bus stop.
It hurt when you get real sick and they had to poke you with needles.
It hurt when you blinked back tears and put your beloved pet dog to sleep.
It hurt when someone you trusted betrayed you.

It hurt when you received the invitation card to the wedding of an ex you never really let go of.
It hurt when you and your best friend just don't talk anymore.
It hurt to spend Valentine's alone all the time.
It hurt to stay strong on the outside when you're all broken inside.
It hurt to look back at all your memories and wish you could turn back time.

But maybe, it's just part of
g r o w i n g.u p


  1. wow this was so true and beautiful loved it :)

  2. It is so very true...haven't we all experienced one or all of the above feelings at one point or another in our lives. Lovely post!

  3. Nic , I loveddd it !!! So very true , beautifully written !

  4. It hurt to spend Valentine's alone all the time.

    It hurt to stay strong on the outside when you're all broken inside.

    Loved it.

  5. Aww.. Sorry but this is VERY aw worthy! Makes me smile a big smile! :)

  6. This is just a hurting post... :)

    It hurts me so that I can't get my momentum to go back at the lounge...

    It hurts when I am already missing my fellow WL writers...

    It really, really hurts...but when can I have the heart to come back soon?

    Thanks for this post Nic... :)

    Very nicely written...

  7. @ All;
    Thanks! It meant a lot.

    @ J;
    :C Surely not all? Life would be really miserable if all those had to happen...

    @ RepublicOfChic;
    Smiles are contagious! :D

    @ Amity;
    Aw, what happened? I'm sure WL missed you too! Come back soon. :D

  8. its beautifull...

    n loved the pic too..its so cute... :) :)

  9. so hurts when someone else cn write ur pains better than u. :(

    an awesome post... :)

  10. @ Uvrashi;

    @ Shan;
    I'm sorry if I made you think of something unhappy... =(

  11. this was so wonderful.. specially the mention of smiling wen broken from inside..


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