February 3, 2010

Take me with you...

Tonight its a starry one
I gaze at the sky
Some voices I hear
As I look for them, they disappear

Is that your voice that I heard?
Will you call me again?
I promise never to go away
In your arms
I will surrender and stay

I have cried inside
Have stabbed myself
Over and over again
I beg you, my life
Give me one more chance

Take me with you
To heaven or to hell
For one last time
Bless me again

Love me one more time
I would be the happiest in the world
For then I would know
Truly, the magic of love.


P.S. - I have tried writing something after months. This is sort of a comeback one for me. :)


  1. this better be a comeback...the lounge needs you

    and oh! an awesome poem

  2. @ FL,

    Yea am back for sure! :) And... thank you :)

  3. Artz, so pleased to see your post here.. its beautiful. missed ur posts here.. welcome back..

  4. @ Sona,

    Awwww.... thank you dear! :)

  5. its a really nice attempt.. simple words yet... really nice meaning... like it a lot.....

    take care and keep writing..........


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