February 8, 2010

My suggestions

As the Writer's Lounge goes through administrative changes, I want to wish everyone good luck.

As a member, I would recommend something.

Things that need immediate attention:

1.Contest is over.The red and green notification  needs to go away.

2.Amity is already selected for November.She needs to be added to the list and december/jan contests need to be held simultaneously and finished before march.

These two are immediate needs.It makes the lounge look old and not well maintained.
No one visits tardy areas...

I would suggest voting be done if members would prefer a newer blog skin and reader friendly color for the skin.
I would also suggest, administrative duties be held in rotating basis for 3 months each time.This would prevent lot of politics here and be a better run blog.

Shraddha @The Self Love project


  1. i like ur points...but there is no politics in this blog..hell this blog is nearly dead.

    and people who don't write here but hv time to update their personal blogs are warned. We have lots of upcoming new talents...don't waste your as well as our time here...if you can't commit to it

  2. I do not like this attitude at all.
    This is a group blog not a personal blog.

    I might have lot of stuff to write there but not at this public platform.So what people do in other places in the cyberworld has nothing to do what they do here at WL.

    Sometimes they might not write here too much as then it would look like overwriting by one member.

  3. I accept with SHRADS... user friendly skin.. it looks bit dark :) and ya the notifications and announcements are to be updated regularly :)

  4. I agree with Shraddha ...At first even I got confused with the "Announcement" thing ..And even the blog skin suggestion - I completely agree with ...A skin with lively colours would fuel more enthusiasm to writers :)

  5. sorry guys but i am cancelling my membership here.

    i have been here for quite a long time but all i have witnessed is stories of how good it was in the past and more and more drama.

    good bye and good luck!

  6. @ Shraddha - the suggestions were good and hope that these got implemented soon

  7. I did not like the way Shraddha moved out... but she made a point...

    I know things change; but that change has to be in a constructive way...

    @FL (again)
    What happened to you bro? Why are you making such comments here and there? This comment of yours at the top, is unacceptable!!!

    you should go and check in the back pages of this blog and see what it was meant to be... what warning man?? are you mad?

    You are an admin now - act responsible - if not, I warn you, many more people, like Shraddha will also leave eventually... dont push us out of the comfort zone here...

  8. I am with Shradda and Tan on all points! Not because as MoM of Nov 2009, but because I care for the lounge. There was a time that I made a post and within just a few seconds it was removed, and that hurts!

    I wish the lounge is a community of loving and caring people, so that we could become family wherever we come from! Don't be racist coz I know that does not exists in the blogworld!

    Shrads, please come back!

  9. Hmm.. Amity...
    You should actually look back into our previous posts here and you would see how much love flowed in here - It was full of everything and I was surrounded my friends - whom I met not, but knew, there they were - for me, for us, for all!!

    I wish we could get back to the same - but things change and they keep changing - I left and missed them a lot!

    In all this, I am happy that I have been posting in my own blog - otherwise, it would have been all gone from me - my blogging. There was a time when blogging meant TWL - but now, its not so anymore... I dont know why, but all of a sudden, everyone went away... I miss it very much!!


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