February 9, 2010

Another Love Story ...Part 2

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Thanx 4 showering so much love :) Here goes the next part :)
Aditi left long time back , but Sahit stared at the direction she left ...
Is she Aditi ??? I cant believe ! the girl who would cry at the drop of a hat , there are no tears in her eye today , even after after knowing Abhay is no more !!!

He went on a flashback when he first sent her friendship request in orkut , how they used to chat , how the virtual friends became real friends , their first conversation on phone , long night talks , their meetings ...her every little act , saying sorry 1000 times for no mistake of her , crying for stupid things , laughing like mad at silly jokes ,
the girl who used to be so sensitive and emotional , how come she changed so much ???How has she become so strong that she didn't break down in spite of being with her best friend ?? Is she really Aditi ??

Aditi came home and handled the situation by citing a good reason for being away ...Whole day she had a difficult time controlling her emotions , but at night when silence wore a blanket with family members in deep slumber , she went to washroom and cried her heart out ....She held the envelope tightly as if she was trying to hug Abhay , as she knew Abhay's heart lay in it ...It took a long time for her to come back to senses ....When she did , she wanted to read his last words , and opened the envelope ..

22nd September , 2008

She knew the date ..it was on this fateful day , Abhay announced of their break up ..With trembling hands , she read the letter seem to have been crumpled before ..

Dear Aditi , I love you ..
Tears swelled in her eyes as she she read this ...but then she had to read ..

Dear Aditi ,

I love you ....Sorry for being so harsh today ..I know I shouldn't have spoken to you like that ..I know what you must have gone through , but forgive me ..I didn't have an option left ...In fact I don't have any option at all ..I am beginning to love you like crazy , but I am well aware that we cant embrace each others love for long , for we have a family , that , I am sure , will not like it ....Its difficult control my emotions , I am crying while writing this, yet you will never know ..I Love you sweetheart ...I love you so much ..Please forgive me ...

And Aditi cried again ...She loved Abhay a lot ..She wished the letter had not been so short , but she also knew that what he must have gone through that day ....He didn't know how to write and all , but still this letter , was just an attempt to pour out the feelings his little heart suffered..." I love you too Abhay "...Aditi closed her eyes as she said this ..She could feel him nearby ....Her every heart beat called his name ..

She looked at the blood stained envelope and wept bitterly ...She couldn't take that Abhay was no more ..She needed him now ..She wanted to tell him how much she loved him ..that he took her life away with his death ... "Abhay , Abhay " was all she could whisper to the silent night , who witnessed a crazy girl weeping bitterly for a dead man she loved most

to be continued


  1. oh blood hell
    this is getting fantastic...
    nice keeping it in suspence

  2. just read both the parts ...
    good going...
    waiting for more... :)


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