February 7, 2010

Another love story..

Heyya guys !!!
This is my first post here ! So starting off with a love story , please do comment in and lemme know your feedback :)
Aditi couldn't believe what she heard..

" Hello , hello ..Adi ..you there ?? Hello , helloo.. "

Aditi stood motionless ...It seemed the world around her collapsed ...

Sahit kept repeating the hello , as she knew she was hearing him ..He wanted to be with her , to console , to lend his shoulders to cry , as he knew she was lost in Abhay's thoughts ..He cursed himself for giving her such a bad news , but he had to let her know this..There was something else he wanted to say , for he was sure that " that thing" will hurt her more , but he had to somehow ...That's what Abhay wanted ...." I want you to meet me , NOW "

Even as he said this , he felt it was next to impossible to meet her ..that too in this situation ..Moreover he was doubly sure that she couldn't come out of the house now , for she was never allowed to leave home alone ..As he was thinking about a way to meet her somehow , she spoke " Ok , will reach Cafe Ashvitha in ten minutes "

Strange...Sahit thought ..He was very uncomfortable , every second seemed to burden his heart ..Amidst the cool AC , he was sweating ....The waiters looked at him oddly , but his focus was on how to tell Aditi about what all happened ....

Aditi came 5 minutes late , but still Sahit was surprised to see her ..How come she is here ??? How ? Keeping his curiosity to himself , as he was about to speak to her , the waiter appeared to take up the order..

" How did he die ? "..The waiter looked strangely at her ..But Aditi hardly noticed this ..Sahit quickly ordered for 2 hot cappuccino , although he knew its gonna remain untouched ..

He looked at her ...The blood draining from her face , yet not a drop of tear wet her cheeks ..He felt something is terribly wrong ..She cant be like this ! She has come here so quickly , she is not crying , she isn't ....No something is going wrong ....Though he knew the reason , still he questioned himself ..

" Tell me , how did he die ? "

" He called me 2 days back telling he wanted to meet for last time ...We met up at CCD ( Cafe Coffee Day ) He was unusually silent for long time , and then he went out to buy something I guess ...I paid the bill and in 5 minutes was out of the shop , to wait for him ..." Tears swelled in his eyes as he recalled the horrifying experience ..."When I came out , I saw a crowd circling a man , who was in pool of blood ...It was he ..guess he had an accident " As she listened this , she began to shiver ...While Other customers enjoyed the cool breeze of AC , it seemed chilly to Aditi and Sahit words left her shivering more ...

" When he was in ambulance with me , I tried to act bravely , though my heart was weeping ..I tried to assure him that he is going to be all right soon , though it seem so ..He just smiled , and with great efforts handed me an envelope , with a rose , which he was clinging tightly ..." Say her sorry ", and then his heart didn't beat more..."

Saying this , Sahit wiped his tears , cognizant of the atmosphere , as he kept the envelope and the rose on the table ...She stared at the blood stained envelope and the 'blood'y rose ..She wanted to grab and read , but the blood stains , shivered her ..

" You read them ? "

"No ..Its just for you ..Read it ...for him "

She stared at them for a long time , and finally with shivering hands she rested them in her bag .." I have to leave now "

Sahit wanted to comfort her , but he felt it was better to leave her alone ....." You can call me anytime , if you need "

" Yeah.. I know that " and she zoomed her way out ....

to be continued


  1. TOUCHING....:I
    *waiting for the next part*

    keep writing :)

  2. nice.. great suspense... lovely story.... :)

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  4. Good Start... Welcome to the Family!!

    Would love to read the concluding part of the story... keep writing... fill the lounge with more of your stories and poems!!!

  5. welcome to the family gal
    first write is a helluva one... keep it coming..waiting for the next part


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